Date: 10/9/19 1:05 pm
From: Beverly Hallberg <bhallbergskloot...>
Subject: [obol] Tropical Kingbird - Manzanita-Nehalem - yard bird this am
Hi all,

On this, my birthday morning around 7 am, I went out into my backyard which
backs up to the Nehalem Bay State Park thinking I would listen for Varied
Thrush calls. Instead I was greeted with the calls of a Tropical
Kingbird! It was in the trees of the park on the margin of dunes area
where we live. I have had flycatchers here before - mostly in migration
but sometimes a Black Phoebe hangs out back here. I was in my slippers
with binoculars and could hear and see it, but did not have my phone or
camera with me. The call was distinctive to Tropical Kingbirds - not a
Couch's! - 2 quick high-pitched "pips" followed by the more typical
trilling call which I've heard before in Nehalem. This pattern of sounds
repeated twice as it moved through the trees east to west. I ran back
inside to get my phone to record it but it did not repeat again and I lost
sight of it as it moved farther into the park forest. Later I went down to
the park to try to refind it, but was unsuccessful.

I found the equivalent "pip-pip" sound on Xeno-canto:

Great yard bird, great birthday bird!

Good birding, Beverly

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