Date: 10/9/19 5:53 am
From: Dave Youker via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Results of Kiptopeke Challenge

VA Birders,

The final results of the 2019 Kiptopeke Challenge are in, except funding which will be held open until the end of the month.  A total of 10 teams participated in Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory’s 25th Anniversary Kiptopeke Challenge.  The birding category winners are as follows:


24-hour:  C'ville Ceruleans (Baxter Beamer, Tucker Beamer, Max Nootbaar)  Species: 114

3-hour:  Hampton Roads Bird Club (Andy Hawkins, James Abbott, Stuart Sweetman) Species: 61

Special Venue:  Piping Platformers (Anna Stunkel, Meagan Murante, Michael Ferrara, Jim Flynn, Marissa Benavente, Kevin McGann) Species: 61

Youth Team:  C'ville Ceruleans (Baxter Beamer, Tucker Beamer, Max Nootbaar) Species: 114


Total species seen by all teams was 154 which is two less than last year.  There were 18 species seen by every team, but there were 29 species seen only by a single team.  Even after 25 years of conducting the Challenge, we manage to pick-up a new species or two.  This year’s new bird was the Northern Wheatear!


Thanks to all teams that participated this year and hope to see everyone again next year.  Most importantly, thanks to all who donated to the KC!  We could not accomplish the CVWO mission without your generous contributions.



Dave Youker

KC Coordinator


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