Date: 10/8/19 7:27 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [obol] Malheur county Oct 7
Nothing rare. Buelah Res had 2 Osprey, maybe getting late. Several Eared
Grebes, not unusual. No shorebirds around. Gulls were all Ring-billed or
1 California IMHO. Lots of small finches feeding in the seeds of the
wild sunflowers along the roadsides.

Ontario Sewage Ponds-they have restricted the driving access. Water
birds are flighty and it is hopeless birding for waterfowl or shorebirds
when walking. I did enjoy watching a MERLIN chase a Rock Pigeon around a
bulding multiple times. The Rock Pigeon finally went onto a large tire
up against a building and the Merlin apparently could not see it. Rock
pigeons may be superior as survivors? The Merlin went after a
Sharp-shinned a bit later and managed to shoo it out of the area. I
believe a Peregrine appeared but I had a brief look from a distance and
can't say for sure.

The driving access is still verbotten. Earlier, I did give the
management copies of waivers used at a few ponds in Oregon who do allow
driving access. I talked with a supportive staff member there as I left
on Monday. The group who makes the decisions had not finished their
meeting. I have not heard anything back yet. You will be the first to
know. Trying to bird the ponds on foot is fruitless, as everyting flies
when humans are still very distant. For those ponds, driving gives good
views. On foot, we may look like hunters. Good birding,
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