Date: 10/8/19 4:57 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos Egret/ Longspur 9/8/19
Down at New River, Coos today saw my first county SNOWY EGRET since 2013
when we still had overwintering birds (remember those?). This species was
actually reliably seen every winter from 1977-2013 in the Empire area of
Coos Bay. The peak number was 11 during the winter of 88/89. One bird
continued from 2007-2013. Anyhow best spot for a migrant anymore is on
Redmon pond on south jetty Bandon where Roger Robb had one in Aug this year
and where they have been seen several times in recent years (but not by me).

One flyover calling Lapland Longspur also- this is peak month for this
migrant on south coast.

Large flocks of Aleutian Cacklers headed south over ocean. Several smaller
flocks headed north also probably from staging area at the McKenzie Ranch
west of Langlois Curry/Coos where birds often stage especially in spring. A
few overwinter in this area also in recent years.

No sign of any Gyr but did see a dark Peregrine, a Merlin and RS Hawks.
Mostly head down counting plants today : ) No rain after 0830 and plenty of
sun- a fine day on the south coast!

Tim R
Coos Bay

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