Date: 10/8/19 4:33 am
From: William Majoros <bmajoros...>
Subject: Excellent fall birding in/around Durham
I spent the past two weekends birding at various sites around Durham, including Brumley Nature Preserve (North section) on NC 10, Eno River State Park (Few's Ford), 17 Acre Wood, Sandy Creek, and Penny's Bend.

Some highlights included:

Blue-winged Warblers (Brumley)
Nashville Warblers (Brumley)
Cape May Warbler (Brumley)
Magnolia Warblers (Brumley & Penny's Bend)
Palm Warblers (Eno River SP & Brumley)
Hooded Warbler (Brumley)
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (Eno River SP)
Black-throated Blue Warblers (Brumley & 17 Acre Wood)
Black-and-white Warblers (Brumley)
Common Yellowthroat (Penny's Bend)
American Redstarts (everywhere)
Northern Parula (Brumley)
Pine Warbler (Eno River SP & Brumley)
Scarlet Tanagers (Eno River SP & Penny's Bend)
FOS Sapsuckers (Eno River SP)
FOS Ruby-crowned Kinglets (Eno River & Brumley)
Pileated Woodpeckers (Sandy Creek)
Red-headed Woodpecker (Eno River SP)
Eastern Wood Pewee (Penny's Bend)
Cooper's Hawk (Eno River SP)
Barred Owl (Eno River SP)
Killdeer (Sandy Creek)
Great Egrets (Sandy Creek)
Wood Thrush (Eno River SP)
Indigo Buntings (Brumley)

Bill Majoros, PhD
Durham, NC

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