Date: 10/8/19 1:48 am
From: larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] South Jetty Goose
I sent two posts after the first, attempting to attach photos. It didn't work because there is no wifi at my house. I said the same as Hendrik: There's a very predictable pattern in Cackler/Canada,Ross'/Snow, Lesser/Greater W-f. The former have stubby beaks where depth is roughly equal to length,short necks relative to Geese in general, and long primary projection.  None of my photos approached Nancy's in quality. I suspect the same goose is in both hers and mine. These dropout juvies often remain for months where they bailed from the family flock.       What happened to the nascent wintering population of Oregon coast GWFG? 10 years ago there were flocks in Coos, Douglas, and Clatsop Counties. The Coos CBC set new record highs for the species three years running if my memory is working. The sort of thing that would happen if a single family stayed instead of  continuing to Kfalls, and in subsequent years some of their offspring had broods and also shortened the classic Kuskokwim to Sacramento circuit. Two dozen GWFG were easily observed at Dean Creek Wildlife Area east of Reedsport at that time. I saw a similar flock on the Lewis and Clark River as well. Reminds me of the Norse colony in Greenland. It was fun while it lasted.      Greaters have increased exponentially in numbers since the early 70s while Lessers have done the opposite. It's almost 100 times easier to see a Greater Wf on the margin of their range and 100 times harder to see a Lesser in the heart of theirs. It's also way more than 100 times easier to photo document birds of sketchy status in our lives and then share the evidence. So never hesitate to take a lot of electronic photos. Anyone holding a good series on a Hutton's Vireo at Malheur HQs AND/or Page Springs? I'm all eyes. LarsSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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