Date: 10/7/19 4:35 pm
From: Teresa Hertzel <teresa.hertzel...>
Subject: [obol] CATS

This is probably as good a time as any to note that OBOL guidelines have
for many years considered certain topics off limits, and that does include
cats. I'm just noting this for the FUTURE since of course in the present,
no one has any interest in talking about cats.

PS: I looked for the OBOL guidelines on the OBA website, but could not find
them. I do have a copy of them though, so have reprinted them below (the
unmentionables are mentioned in the last line).

Treesa Hertzel

OBOL Moderator

George and Oregon Birders,

You appear to be incorrect here. Discussion of cats in relation to birds is
prohibited on TWEETERS, and has been for many years. This followed several
angry exchanges between cat-lovers and cat-haters. It is a subject which is
best avoided on any birding e-mail group.

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC


OBOL Guidelines

OBOL has operated for many years with a minimal level of moderation and
formal rules, relying on a common understanding of civility and a shared
focus on birding.

Always sign your post and include your location.

YAHOO AND AOL USERS: Always include your email address with your signature.
Yahoo and AOL email addresses are automatically scrubbed in the FROM line,
so people won't be able to reply to you unless you add your address to the
body of your post.

If a notable bird is on private property, do not give out the location
unless you are 100% certain the homeowner would be okay with many visitors.

You may attach ONE photo to your post. If you wish to send more than one
photo, please email these photos to the moderator, who will post them at
our OBOL photo site.

Postings should be related to wild birds in Oregon, their identification,
distribution, and natural history, and birding experiences in the field in

Experiences from elsewhere are sometimes relevant to discussion of Oregon
birds, but normally it is best to post those to forums for the regions
where you saw the birds.

An occasional posting about birding-related commercial offerings, such as
tours, books, or binoculars for sale is OK ("occasional" is generally
understood to be no more than once per month).

Avoid topics such as cats, guns, house sparrow control, and all political
and religious issues.

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