Date: 10/7/19 1:49 pm
From: Wendy Kaplan (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Hummingbirds gone?
Frank —
Your story about “passing the baton” of awareness and caring for Hummingbirds to the younger generation brought a smile today! I believe in that! I hope you bounce back quickly - feel better soon!!

P.S. All Hummingbird action here in mid/south Charlotte, NC, has sadly seemingly ground to a screeching halt as of the end of last week (flowers and feeders!) Keeping three feeders up for the time being for stragglers and always one up for winter birds.... good birding all!

Wendy R. Kaplan
Charlotte, NC

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> On Oct 7, 2019, at 4:34 PM, Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...> wrote:
> I haven't seen any birds at my feeders at my suburban home. However, I did see a bird at my sister-in-laws place on Sullivan's Island, SC. She said there have been others passing through this past week. I plan to leave two feeders in place for the foreseeable future. I've heard about hummers--ruby-throats or another species--wintering over in some places so I'm going to leave feeders in place to see what happens.
> Want to share a nice personal story. I had back surgery three weeks ago and was totally grounded, unable to refill any of my feeders, both seed and nectar. When I was able to take a short walk outside, I asked a neighbor if her two young school-age daughters were required to perform comm unity service hours at their schools. She said no, but volunteered their services as being good neighbors. They came by on a Saturday morning and took down my hummingbird feeders, washed them in hot water and rinsed them under my wife's supervision. I only intended to put out five feeders since numbers had declined but, in their zeal, they put out every feeder I had! There was enough nectar in place to feed a flock of hummers. The girls had a lot of fun and I shared some of the knowledge about hummingbirds I've learned over many years. This was their first experience with birds. I hope I peaked their interest to learn more.
> Frank Hamilton
> Charleston, SC

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