Date: 10/7/19 11:56 am
From: Larry Nooden <ldnum...>
Subject: [birders] More about Michigan EEE spraying- unintended consequences, e.g., impact on insectivorous birds

The concerns about the sprayings for EEE vector mosquitoes go way beyond
the rare butterfly (Mitchell's Satyr), and the article cited makes a good
start on the unintended consequences, which will likely aggravate the
original problem and/or creates new problems.

This spraying will likely have a huge impact on insectivorous birds. I
have seen a huge decrease on a natural area in S central MI, but I believe
this decrease is widespread.

I wonder if the well-intended public health agencies who are leading this
consulted government agencies who have ecological expertise, i.e., MiDNR
for starters. Does anyone know?

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