Date: 10/7/19 9:09 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [obol] Most EVER!
Kei and I were in Yakima this weekend and took a side trip to Fort
Simcoe west of Wapato.  If you have never been there you really should
go.  Not only is it a great historical place but it is also one of the
best places to see Lewis' Woodpeckers.  We have counted 30 or so in the
past BUT this time there were most likely over 100. Yes One HUNDRED! 
They just kept coming, flying WAY up in the sky almost to the
disappearing point.  The oak savanna covers the fort but not to much
more so for some reason they don't appear to live in any of the
surrounding oak areas to the west (canyon lining hiway 97 west of
Toppennish for example).  GREAT place to photo them in flight as you
don't have to futz with tree limbs in the photo.  Nothing but sky
(unless you WANTED them in the trees).  The only other 'woodpeckers'
seen was a pair of Northern Flickers (red-shafted).

Now, on the way home (on 97) we made a lunch stop at De Moss Park south
of Biggs.  We haven't stopped there in years but Sunday was perfect.  No
sooner than we exited our car then I spotted movement in the trees and
in less than a minute we were in the thick of almost 100 Ruby-crowned
Kinglets.  Yes, again more than I could count and they just kept coming
in from the direction of Moro.  There is a draw extending from Moro
north to the springs at De Moss. I know there must have been some
warblers in there but I could only verify one Yellow-rumped  and maybe a
couple of Song Sparrows.  ALL the rest were Ruby-crowneds.   As per
usual they hid in the shadows but would pop in and out of bits of sun
taking advantage of the water below.  Not a single other bird in the
herd.  Two Magpies and two Ravens did a fly-over and one Red-tail Hawk
made an appearance.

What a couple of days.  Never in my life SO many.

Kevin & Kei

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