Date: 10/6/19 8:25 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Newport White-headed Woodpecker
Hmmm,reminds of the woodpecker I reported to OBOL about 5 years ago. I was
sitting in my car in the parking lot at the South Jetty of the Columbia,
facing east, when I saw an obvious, largish, dark woodpecker (not a Lewis)
leave the dense shore pine woods to the east and fly over the parking lot
as if heading for Japan. I tried to get a photo but got tangled in my
seatbelt that was still attached. By the time i got out of the car it had
passed over the parking lot and made a wide circle back to the woods. I
made a feeble attempt to find it in the woods (hopeless). Mike Patterson
replied to my post with the suggestion that it was an immature RB
Sapsucker, which is certainly possible and likely (except for the
trajectory) But I see them all the time at my place and believe they have
more frequent undulations My undulation interpretation is clearly
dubious. I did not see a white head, but then neither did Chuck Pilo,
until he viewed his photos.. There is a lesson here. Never, ever wear
wear a seatbelt, even when driving down the road, You never know when you
might not have time to remove it fast.

Also, as I recall from Rare Birds of California, a book I read decades ago,
there are records (at least 1) from the Monterrey Peninsula, coastal and
100's of miles from White-headed Woodpeckers habitat. And, in the original
Oregon Bird Finding Guide, by the (not so) late but great Joe Evanich,
there is a record (no details were given) from the area of Neakahnie
Mountain near Seaside.

Bob OBrien Carver OR

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 3:52 PM Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>

> The only other coast raced that I know of was one seen by Neal Maine at
> Fort Stevens State Park years ago.
> Jeff Gilligan
> > On Oct 6, 2019, at 2:44 PM, Range Bayer <range.bayer...> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > At about 8 AM this morning at SW Angle and 11th Street where the Prairie
> Warbler was seen, Chuck Philo saw a bird flying high overhead and straight
> from the area of the Newport City Hall towards the bayfront. From its
> altitude, it didn't look like it would have landed at the bayfront. At
> first, he thought the bird was a flyover Lewis' Woodpecker based on its
> flying characteristics and somewhat shorter tail. He took 2 photos. He
> got home and saw from the photos that it was a Whited-headed Woodpecker.
> >
> > Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon.
> >
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