Date: 10/5/19 8:25 pm
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [obol] Fwd: Sat. on Green Ridge
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From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Date: Sat, Oct 5, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Subject: Sat. on Green Ridge

Temps ranged from low 40's to upper 50's under mostly sunny skies with
excellent visibility. Moderate and variable winds pushed a fair diversity
of 104 raptors to more southernly destinations. The majority of birds were
either on the east side or high overhead with a few close encounters of the
raptor kind. Tomorrow promises to be warmer and sunnier with an
unpredictable number of migrants.

9 Turkey Vultures
3 Bald Eagle
1 Northern Harrier
47 Sharp-shinned Hawk
23 Cooper's Hawk
11 Red-tailed Hawk
4 Merlin
1 Peregrine Falcon
1 Unid. Accipiter
4 Unid. Accipiter

Observers today: Peter Low, Kim Boodie, Clay Croften and Mary Ann Kruse.
We enjoyed the good company of 8 visitors and 8 Portland Audubon members on
a productive field trip led by Brodie Cass Talbott. Thank you Michael for
the killer cinnamon rolls!

David Vick

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