Date: 10/5/19 1:51 pm
From: Mark Kosiewski (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Chatham County migrants-Nelson's Sparrow
Jelmer Poelstra, Matt Spangler, and I spent the day searching for migrants around Chatham County, NC. Along the Haw, we were surprised to find two Peregrines, a Kestrel, several hawk species, and a large number of migrating Flickers. We also had a decent haul of warblers, including Worm-eating and Black-throated Green. The bird of the day, however, was a NELSON's SPARROW at Jordan Lake.
Initial impressions went from mouse (Matt), to Marsh Wren (Mark), to some weird former Ammodramus species that we couldn't all agree upon. After much deliberation and consultation, the bird appears to be an Atlantic subspecies of Nelson's Sparrow, possibly assisted by the strong NE winds. Photos will be posted to eBird shortly. We also had an American Golden Plover.
We couldn't relocate the Nelson's Sparrow, at 4:00pm, but it could still be in the area. If you'd like to try for it, hike the power lines at Transis Camp road, and work the edges of the mudflats where they meet the power line cut. The bird was running around amongst the exposed roots on the western side of the lake.

Mark Kosiewski
Pittsboro, NC

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