Date: 10/5/19 1:54 pm
From: Christina Schmidlapp <00000088be8d2f27-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Warblers, Schenley Park, Allegheny County
Thanks to Kate St. John’s posting on Thursday about the warbler fallout she’d seen in Panther Hollow, Schenley Park, I went there Friday morning. The temperature had dropped a full thirty degrees over a breezy night, and I thought the birds would likely be gone. But, in the same place Kate observed them was a group of at least a dozen, multiple types of warblers that I’m not yet able to distinguish other than Black&White (nailed it!), all busily flitting and gobbling insects at about 10am. As the vantage point was from the tufa stone bridge in Panther Hollow near the Bartlett St. playground, I was looking into the middle of a single tree. This was my first experience of seeing multiple warblers at near-eye-level, within 15’ or so. Delightful! Thanks to Kate for keepin us in the know, and thanks to Master Birding teacher Chris Kubiak for his efforts trying to teach us the fall warblers.

Christina Schmidlapp
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