Date: 10/5/19 8:24 am
From: Parkin Hunter (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Decline in birds and analysis of tenure track ecology jobs
Wow. When I got my PhD from NCSU in 1985, it was a great school and I assume it still is. Though I do not directly use my PhD in most of my legal work, I am sure glad I have it. As an aside in the lister/non-lister war, I have been a fairly avid birder, but not a lister, since the field trips in my Wildlife Management course at Sewanee around 1972 or so ( Thank you Dr. Smith and Dr. Baird.) but when you go to school on the Cumberland Plateau, how could you not be? Each to their own. We all contribute in our own way. I am concerned about post- McCrory NC though. But I live in S.C. so what can I say?

Parkin Hunter
Columbia, Garden City Beach and Ridgeway, SC

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