Date: 10/4/19 2:38 pm
From: Michael McCloy (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Listing and Christmas Counts

You are right that Christmas Bird Counts do provide valuable citizen
science data that can help track wintering bird populations over time. It
is indeed a shame to see participation wane in a given count, as steady and
continued effort helps make these data of as high a quality as possible. As
somebody who has participated in the Roanoke Rapids count in previous
years, I do sympathize with the plight of that count in particular and know
that it's a productive count that has turned up some good birds in the
past. I hope that the manpower will be there to continue it long into the
future. However I do not believe that guilt-tripping people, particular
these so-called "young guns" you refer to, is the best way to encourage
participation. There are multitudes of reasons why people either do not or
can not participate in counts during a given season, if at all. Many of
these same people contribute to conservation and citizen science through a
variety of other outlets even if they can't participate in CBCs, and we
should make sure not to overlook that fact.

I've purposely refrained from throwing in my two cents regarding this
larger discussion of listing/conservation because I'm not sure this
list-serv is necessarily the place for it. I do have strong opinions on the
matter and welcome any discussion privately. Suffice to say, let's all not
lose sight of the big picture here by alienating specific types of people
because of the way they choose to enjoy birds.

Cheers, and good birding.

Michael McCloy
College Station, TX
formerly of Southern Pines, NC

*Michael W.D. McCloy*
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Doctoral Program
Applied Biodiversity Science Program
Texas A&M University
WFES 277, 2258 TAMU
College Station, TX, USA 77843
(910) 690-3142

On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 3:54 PM Ann Brice <carolinabirds...> wrote:

> I know some wanted to end the discussion about shaming listers and
> conservation, but I would like to bring up Christmas Counts. Do Christmas
> counts yield data that is valuable for conservation or not? I have noted
> that there are some "young guns" who take the time to chase rarities but
> who I don't see taking the time to participate in Christmas Counts. I know
> the Roanoke Rapids count is about to die for lack of participants and it
> needs a new compiler. Rocky Mount and Goldsboro could also use more help.
> It does take about an hours drive to get there from Raleigh but is the data
> collected not worth the energy and effort needed to collect it? If it is
> valuable data, then I would like to see more people brag about the
> Christmas counts they participated in rather than their various county,
> state, life totals.
> Ann Brice
> Wilson, NC
> I drove several hours in my gasoline car to participate in Rocky Mt,
> Roanoke Rapids, Goldsboro, Lake Mattamuskeet, Ocracoke, and Portsmouth
> Island counts last year.

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