Date: 10/2/19 4:53 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Hundreds of Rhino Auklets in Yaquina Bay
Trying to keep my mind from worrying about surgery tomorrow, I drove to
Newport to see the spectacle that Chuck Philo reported last two days, and
it was an amazing show, even more than I expected

Around 11 AM there were at least 250-300 and likely many more RHINOCEROUS
AUKLETS mostly concentrated around the Gull Puddle, up to the bridge and
downstream. Most were with the piles of gulls that were in a frenzy
chasing some small fish. The Rhinos were diving actively making it even
harder than it usually is for this old biologist to count such things and
so I am leaving it at 250-300 or more with many underwater at any given time

I looked at the end of the road where the research vessels are and Chuck
was there, photographing the most beautiful Junco he'd ever seen from what
he said with pink sides and everything. We compared notes on the Rhinos.
He had seen a couple of species I missed so I went back out to SE Jetty
Way. By that time, less than an hour later most of the Rhinos were gone
along with the gull piles, there were maybe a few dozen Rhinos left on the
bay. Seems like they come and go with the tide

I have never seen so many RHINOCEROUS AUKLETS, never more than a dozen at a
time. I looked through them for other similar seabirds, but saw none.
Chuck had seen two Marbled Murrelets with them. I did not see the
Murrelets in the bay. There are quite few RED-NECKED GREBES, and a ratty

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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