Date: 10/1/19 5:16 pm
From: Tom Lawler <tjlawler...>
Subject: [obol] Warm Springs Bird Surveys
Warm Springs Tribe has approached East Cascades Audubon Society to “discover” the birds on tribal lands. This is an area that has never been birded by the general public. It offers an exciting opportunity for non-tribal people to have access to the tribal lands. This is all part of a idea on their part to bird the lands for a year and understand and document the species present.

What are the terms and conditions? Everything must be arranged with the tribal contact person for these surveys. You will be driven around tribal lands. You can not do this on your own! This is a 640,000 acre area with many different habitats. It is an opportunity to document the species present for a one year cycle. During the winter raptor and resident species would be found. Later spring and early summer would be excellent times for breeding bird surveys. Migration could offer all sorts of surprises that could pop up in the many habitats in the area.

This is something that would require a commitment for some period of time but not necessarily by any one person. A group of people would cover this one way or the other for the project (a year as mentioned earlier). They would like these surveys done on a monthly basis. The end result of this will be a book on the birds of the tribal lands, when they are present and how these birds were either sources of food, legend, and so on.

I am sending this note to both our Central Oregon List and also that statewide OBOL list in hopes that folks from Portland and surrounding areas could be interested in getting in on this opportunity. Please contact me directly (not the list). I will then get you in touch with the tribal member organizing this event.

Tom Lawler
ECAS President

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