Date: 10/1/19 3:15 pm
From: Marlene A Condon via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Nature Notes: birds, insects, frogs
Wood Thrush: Have had 1-2 thrushes around my house almost every day since the middle of September.  On Sept. 29, saw 2 Wood Thrushes feeding on Black Gum fruits.

Juvenile Indigo Bunting Oct. 1: Feeding on Japanese Stiltgrass seeds.  Although my hubby works diligently every year to pull out stiltgrass plants, it's impossible to find them all, especially in my flower gardens, which is where the bunting located those seeds this morning.

Common Yellowthroat Oct. 1: Poking among my flowers (now mostly going to seed), it found a large green caterpillar on a goldenrod. The day before a yellowthroat got a similarly sized caterpillar off Tatarian Honeysuckle.

Ocola Skipper Sept. 29: A new yard-butterfly species! Feeding at my Lantana and Black Knapweed plants.

FOS Carolina Mantid Sept. 26: Right on time for me to see one on my house where I can enjoy its company!  These insects spend the summer up high in my oak trees, and come down to house level in the fall.

Hummer here just now (6 PM) Oct. 1: Fed at a pink Weigela blossom that is out of season.

A few nature observations:  Peepers have been calling a lot, even though it's been much hotter than the usual temps I associate with their calling.  It seems that quite a few species are changing their behavior patterns in puzzling ways, and I don't know what to make of it.  I do know that the hot temps of the past month have kept my male Green Frogs' mating coloration from changing--instead of becoming a dark brown for blending into the silt at the bottom of my ponds for the winter, they are still green with bright-yellow throats.  Sadly, the Gray Treefrogs never had much of a mating season, undoubtedly because their numbers are down from previous years due to weather that didn't help them to breed.


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