Date: 9/30/19 9:22 pm
From: Adrian Hinkle <adrian.hinkle...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Newport Red-eyed Vireo report
Hi Jeff,

Good point. As others have noted, there have been three in the Bay Area the
past few days, and I think at least three in Southern California this year.
There were maybe 7-8 last fall too, but historically they haven't been
quite this regular.

That said, the report that Jeff referred to ( doesn't mention any yellowish
tones on the underside, and hinted at a very strong face pattern. Red-eyed
Vireos are much more common on the CA coast than Yellow-green, and I think
Red-eyed would be more likely to be singing than Yellow-green. Therefore, I
doubt the Newport bird was a Yellow-green.

Yellow-green Vireo is definitely overdue for Oregon, though I'd bet that
Neah Bay will beat us to it.


Adrian Hinkle
Berkeley, CA

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