Date: 9/30/19 8:55 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] Eureka! We found it (the new Corvallis Vaux's Swift B&B)
Hi friends, Bev Clark and I set out to see if we could find where the little birds are spending nights in Corvallis since they have apparently abandoned the TriDelt Sorority on NW 26th, probably due to the presence of predators. We checked seven known roost chimneys without any luck, except that there were a few swifts were flying near the chimney just north of the Mongolian Grill on First. We were about to give up, despondent, when we discovered a huge flock gathering a couple of blocks to the south. Lots and lots of them. Eventually we counted 2210 going in a chimney on a building west of the alley that runs between Madison and Jefferson, perhaps above where Gary’s Barber and Style shop is.

We watched from the alley where we could barely see the tip of the chimney, but a better observation point would be on First looking west, just a few feet south of Madison. The chimney is quite visible from there against the pale western sky at sunset.

Bev and I will be there Tuesday evening from around 6:30pm until they go in the chimney for anyone interested in observing this thrilling phenomenon of migration. Come on down!

Happy fall migration birding all.

Mary Garrard
NW Corvallis

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