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Subject: [obol] *Re: Re: Clark's Nutcracker at Nestucca from iNaturalist

In Lincoln Co. there have been 9 reports in 8 different years,
starting in 1975. The most-seen Clark's Nutcracker was in Oct. 1975.
All reports were for single birds. 7 were in October, 1 in August,
and 1 in March. Only 1 report was at higher locations, but there are
very few observations at high elevations in Lincoln County. 2
reports were at Yaquina Head by multiple observers each time. 8
reports were single-day sightings, and 3 sightings were by more than
one person. Reports are given below.

pre-1993 Lincoln Co. Reports
1) 10/11 & 12/1975. On 10/11, Paul Reed, Darrel Faxon, William
Moynihan, and Range Bayer (who were doing a monthly birding trip as
part of the group that were the precursors of Yaquina Birders and
Naturalists) saw one at the western end of Yaquina Head near the
turnaround parking area. On 10/12, Jerolyn Satterwaite, Moynihan, and
Bayer again found the bird in the same area; it was hopping around on
the low grass and feeding." [Classed as one report because at same
location on successive days.]
2) 10/15/1983. "Floyd Schrock saw one near Logsden."
3) 10/13/1986. "Herb Jennings saw one in Toledo."
Lincoln Co. reports found from Sandpiper Field Notes for Lincoln
County 1993-2015 in Search Box at the top of
4&5) 10/5 &15/1998. "Single CLARK'S NUTCRACKERS at Yaquina Head on
10/5 (Steve Gobat & Michael Noack) and near Thornton Creek on 10/15
(fide Darrel Faxon) are also rare here." [Classed as two records
because they were distant from each other on different days.]

6) 3/31/2000. "Trent Bray saw and heard a rare CLARK'S NUTCRACKER
about 10 miles east of Logsden on 3/31."
7) 10/8/2009. "On 10/8, Chuck Philo birded at an elevation of about
2,800-3,100 ft in the Rocky Point and Elk Wallow areas of northeast
Lincoln County and was surprised by a CLARK'S NUTCRACKER."
8) 10/8/2011. "A CLARK'S NUTCRACKER on the Snaggy Point Loop
Viewpoint graced the Saturday Bird Survey at Beaver Creek State
Natural Area on 10/8 (Chuck Philo, Brian Fowler, Katie Arhangelsky).
Lincoln Co. eBird report:
9) 8/10/2011. Paul Barrus. Olalla Reservoir. "Clark's Nutcracker.
Number observed:1. Comments:It was flying over the reservoir and
perched on top of an evergreen. It was mostly gray and large. Had
great display of black wings and tail, with white patches. Had a great
view from the boat as it flew direclty above me."
I have saved 2016-2019 Lincoln Co. bird records posted to OBOL or
LCBNO for 2016-Sept. 2019 and in a computer search found no Clark's

Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon.
old Lincoln Co. Bird Information at

On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 1:40 PM Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...> wrote:
> Alex Walker collected specimens at Blaine about 100 years ago. They are on Marys Peak at the moment(5 individuals). Clark's Nutcrackers appeared at numerous Corvallis feeders in autumn of 1972(?) Give or take a year. Like Mountain Chickadees, White-wing Crossbill, an irruptive species that any of us can tick on any county list if we only live long enough and neglect all important matters public or private.lpn
> On Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 1:03 PM Robert O'Brien <baro...> wrote:
>> Wow. Are there previous county records?
>> From the angle of the photos (close, looking down) it appears the bird may have been debilitated? Plumage somewhat disheveled.
>> Perhaps still there for that reason.
>> Seems quite dusky, maybe juvenile plumage? I searched McCauley juvenile
>> (interesting to find a Gray Jay there)
>> and there were some similar
>> Bob OBrien Carver Or
>> On Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 6:50 PM Mike Patterson <celata...> wrote:
>>> This was just posted on iNaturalist from along the trail loop trail
>>> at Nestucca. Kind of frustrating given that I was there yesterday...
>>> --
>>> Mike Patterson
>>> Astoria, OR
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