Date: 9/29/19 4:06 pm
From: Jeff Manker <fireweed8...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] No Impending Bird Apocalypse?
If, despite all our conservation efforts, we still lost ~3 billion birds in the last 50 years, then I think it is time for a little sensationalism.

As mentioned in the article the “insect apocalypse” was a bit overhyped, the fires in the Amazon may have been overdone too, we aren’t feeling the full effect of a climate emergency yet either, but why wait until it is too late?

Silent Spring, rivers catching on fire, disappearing whales and people dying from smog in the big cities of the USA spurred big action in the 1970’s. It is way past time for another “Ecology” movement. Young people are getting it after a several decade decline in conservation group memberships.

There is plenty of noise over the 6th great extinction and climate change, but it is past time for real action. Maybe the announcement of so many slow-motion disasters near together will light a new spark that may slow down or stop what we have failed to put the brakes on.

Just my opinion.

Jeff Manker

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