Date: 9/29/19 1:16 pm
From: Teresa Hertzel <teresa.hertzel...>
Subject: [obol] Submitting to the Records Committee

If you see an unusual bird when you are out birding, please don't hesitate
to submit your sighting to the Oregon Bird Records Committee. EBird is an
amazing resource and you should certainly submit your birding list to it,
but submitting to the state records committee is important too. A records
committee serves as the repository of evidence and documentation of rare
species known to have visited the state.

Don't assume that someone else will submit the report. Do it yourself. All
submissions are welcome. There is no such thing as too much documentation.

If you think what you saw was a rare bird, but you aren't absolutely sure,
send it anyway and we will look at that, too. It can be helpful to check
the Review List -- that is a list of all species for which the committee is
interested in receiving sightings. For example, American Robin is not on
the Review List, but Broad-billed Hummingbird is. The OBRC reviews and
updates the list regularly; we added Upland Sandpiper and Least Bittern
just last year. If the bird you think you saw is on the Review List, by all
means, let us know about it.
Review List:

You can submit a report simply by sending me an email or by using the form
on the OBA site (

Treesa Hertzel
Oregon Bird Records Committee Secretary

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