Date: 9/28/19 7:08 pm
From: Tom McNamara <tmcmac67...>
Subject: [obol] Quiz bird movie answer
Hi all,

Thanks to all who sent their thoughts on the ID of the bird in the movie

Preponderance of opinion seemed to go for Northern Pygmy Owl and, in truth,
my very first snap call on seeing the bird was just that. And mind you the
view/ perspective I and others who saw the bird had was exactly represented
by the movie. It was a bit of a poser at first. Anyway, the bird is indeed
a small owl but not a Northern Pygmy owl; it's a Western Screech Owl.
Northern Pygmy Owl, regardless of age, would show conspicuous bands across
the tail and would have a very short primary extension. This bird does not
show very significant banding--- there are some barely discernible black
lines on the tail reminiscent of the crossbarring on the under parts of a
screech owl. It does, too, have a significant primary projection.
All this is complicated by the posture of the bird on a branch, it's really
leaning forward and makes assessing the characters more difficult.
So there you go.
Good birding, Tom

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