Date: 9/28/19 5:55 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Swainson's Thush migration notes
I live a stone's throw from the Willamette River, behind me are a few real
nice houses almost mansions, in front of me is a light industrial area and
in the middle is my house and a line of others along Front Street near
downtown Salem, small and modest. We all share the vegetation that was
here before any of us were. I have cultivated that vegetation in the
little yard at the side of my house. That yard is not much bigger than a
very large living room

My front yard has an impenetrable screen of native woody shrubs and 3 Olive
trees that I planted 8-10 years ago and I get a few olives in the fall.
The back yard is a mess that I cannot deal with with this year in the time
of my nerve cord injury, but it is private and no one but me can see in so
it's alright...

My side yard has Corylus as a screen on the far side, then Western Sword
Fern, wild Blueberry, Lady Fern, Willamette Valley Aster blooming now,
Oxalis, Evergreen Huckleberry and several native forbs like Waterleaf and
others. This afternoon, every time I look out there, I see two, three or
more SWAINSON'S THRUSHES. The Corylus shrub/trees seem full of them. I
sometimes but seldom see SWTH in my yard in spring/summer. The yard is
full of them this cool late fall afternoon. Some are eating the
flowers/fruits of the Evergreen huckleberry (Vaccinium sp)

I think I am seeing a little piece of Swainson's Thrush migration right
here beside me

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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