Date: 9/28/19 11:47 am
From: Pete Sole <pete...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Of grapes, birds, and MBB...
Hi birders,

In what feels like another installment of the "grape that keeps on
giving" a.k.a. "Roger's Red", we saw our FOS FOX SPARROW (sooty) and FOS
YELLOW-RUMPED WARLBER (audubons) in the garden among the grapes today.
There was also a YELLOW WARBLER,  both towhees, a SONG SPARROW, a few
full list of the birds of the morning see the ebird list:

Granted, not all species were among the grapes, but a rough count is
that we had about 10 species sampling "Roger's Red" today. (Have to
wonder is some grapes are just a little fermented... ;)"

On a different note, I caught up with the thread about Rare Birds on MBB
today. Some thoughts:

1. Sad to hear Todd is no longer active, but many many thanks to Todd
for setting up and maintaining the list for many years.

2. Glad to see Phil step up and maintain the list. Thanks a lot Phil!

3. Many of us use mbb for many purposes, including reporting rare birds,
sharing bird photos (look forward to Norman's posts), chasing "used"
rare and not so rare birds, and just all around enjoyment of the local
avifauna. I hope we can continue to keep the varied uses of mbb going
for some time.

4. And sure, let's add the ebird rare bird reports. A few of us may
chase that "used" bird that is unconfirmed and perhaps erroneous. So be
it. Todd passed on some great wisdom to me many years ago. Went
something like this: "When you go birding, you can't predict what your
"Audubon's Moment" may be. But if you don't go out, and are not open to
the experience, you won't have that special moment." So I chase "used
birds". But if I don't see them, I may still can have a completely
different, unexpected, but terrific experience. There is no such thing
as a bad day birding in my book...

Keep birding,

Pete Sole
Soquel, CA

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