Date: 9/28/19 5:12 am
From: Alex Lamoreaux <aslamoreaux...>
Subject: [obol] Re: fall kingbirds
What’s outdated about the fact that Couch’s is being increasingly
documented moving northward as a vagrant throughout the country? Yes vocals
have shown that most records in Oregon have been Tropical, but vocals have
shown and will continue to show that Couch’s is becoming more regular

If you don’t hear these birds calling, they cannot be identified; that’s
the simple conclusion to this topic. There’s nothing controversial about


On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 12:37 AM celata <celata...> wrote:

> Speaking as someone who has seen flocks of fall kingbirds (they are annual
> on the north cast and I have a photo from Seaside with 3), every kingbird
> I've heard has been a Tropical. So, either all vagrant Couch's are silent
> or the frequency of occurances of Couch's is low enough to be statistically
> insignificant.
> The notion that silent kingbirds should been listed as tropical/couch
> doesn't match our current understanding of kingbird distribution based on
> lots of field data. Those who want to make an arguement to the contrary
> are welcomed to get out in field and challenge the data with their own
> rigorous field work rather than outdated opinion.
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