Date: 9/28/19 4:44 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] lost to the dustbin of time - Was Those fall kingbirds
Alex et al,

You say eBird is the sole repository of bird distribution data -- going forward. "Everything else will be lost to the dustbin of time." You're telling me that my 40 years of careful data collecting is worthless. You're telling me that the repository of knowledge that I have accumulated is of no value. You don't want to ask me about my experience of species X in county Y. I should join up or be ignored.

When I started birding no one made the rule that you had to chop the landscape into 5-mile segments. No one made the rule that you had to log time spent at each puddle. My data from March 13, 1982 doesn't fit the eBird mold.

Alan Contreras has made compelling points that eBird is not the sole repository of all things bird.

And you say that eBird will last forever.

In my time birding I've seen a variety of systems for collecting bird sighting data from the general population of birders live and die. You have to get people educated to identify birds. You have to get them to submit sightings. You have to review their submissions for errors. New people come along with their great ideas for collecting and reviewing such data. Then someone else comes along and tosses that system in favor of their new and improved system. I expect eBird will be no different.

There's a lot of birds out there -- and we'll never invent the system that captures all of them in our data.

Paul Sullivan

Subject: Re: Those fall kingbirds
Date: Sat Sep 28 2019 0:06 am
From: aslamoreaux AT

To Alan�s points- sadly if it�s not in eBird it�s essentially of zero importance, and will be lost to the dustbin of time. I�m only concerned about accuracy of eBird records as that is the go-to for all bird status and distribution moving forward, and those records will be preserved indefinitely and assessable to all.


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