Date: 9/27/19 4:08 pm
From: DAVID KOCH <0000012d74227426-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Lincoln's sparrows, Koch property, Northampton County
A short note to say that I've seen Lincoln's sparrows in the fields for the last several days, along with  a few Savannah's.  Other normally seen species at this time of the year include several eastern phoebes, eastern wood pewees, warbs including black and white, Tennessees, and a mourning, indigo buntings, scarlet tanagers, and rose-breasted grosbeaks. Cedar waxwings are daily, with some decent sized flocks and at other times just a few of them. And ruby-throated hummers are still here - 5 tonight at dusk. 
Arlene Koch Easton, PA Northampton County <davilene...>
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