Date: 9/27/19 11:53 am
From: Michael David <michaeltdavid...>
Subject: Re: Lincoln's Sparrow - Moraine State Park, Lakeview Beach, Butler County
Ron and All - the recordings in your checklist do sound irregular, but the
photos show a Song Sparrow. I find the best field mark between Song and
Lincoln's if in doubt is the stripes on either side of the throat. They are
bold and wedge-shaped on Song Sparrow, which is nicely visible in the
photos. Lincoln's has thin dense streaking instead of a single bold stripe.


Michael David
Allegheny Co.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 11:59 AM Ron Burkert <raburkert...> wrote:

> Late post.
> After the Karyn Delaney-led 3RBC Outing on the North Country Trail at
> Moraine SP McDanel's Boat Launch on Tuesday, I stayed and visited Lakeview
> Beach for 84 minutes, hoping to see any of the infrequents reported there.
> Found some black-throated green warblers, and probably other warblers but I
> need to look at photos, in the trees along the shore. Then heard a song
> behind me that I didn't recognize. I found the bird singing in the weeds
> and blackberries growing on the bank at the edge of the lowest parking lot,
> looking a lot like a song sparrow but with grayer face and smaller streaks
> on breast with buffy band across the breast. Combined with the long, almost
> continuous singing with short breaks between each song, I determined it was
> a Lincoln's. A second bird was observed close by. Audio and photos added to
> my eBird checklist:
> They were there for over an hour and I got excellent photos just before I
> left after a playback of the Merlin ID song caused the bird to appear out
> of the thick blackberries. Did not appear to be migrating as they stayed in
> one spot.
> After seeing and recording the LISP I was working my way toward the beach
> along the lower edge of the parking lot, I heard a crow squawk and looked
> up to see an American kestrel chasing a crow out of a tree. The kestrel
> broke off the pursuit quickly and flew by at 30 yards and landed in a tree
> in the parking area. From the dorsal view I got as it streaked past and
> numerous photos in the tree this was an immature. It finally flew back past
> me and zipped over the shoreline trees and made a couple turns and then
> flew along the beach and dove on some ring-billed gulls standing at water's
> edge. It disappeared but less than a minute later it dove again with more
> screaming protests from the gulls. It finally flew out of sight.
> A very interesting day starting with the North Country and Butterfly Trail
> walks and then topped off with close encounters with a couple infrequent
> birds of my own!
> Ron Burkert
> Oakmont PA
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