Date: 9/26/19 6:42 pm
From: <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Thayer's Gull. Downtown Portland
I had an early adult come off the ocean at the D Riverafter the front
passed this afternoon, also still showingbreeding color to the bill.

-----------------------------------------From: "Lars Norgren"
To: "obol"
Sent: Thursday September 26 2019 7:42:04PM
Subject: [obol] Thayer's Gull. Downtown Portland

17 gulls visible at Tom McCall Park, 9 on lawn, 8 in middle of the
river. 1 adult Western, showing a few grunge feathers on the neck, so
not a perfect "0" on the Olympic Index, but it has light eyes 1
second calendar California sleeping 1 adult THAYER'S just starting
to show a few tips of it's dark autumn hood, but beak is still bright
yellow, almost orange 6 adult Glaucous-winged, in heavy wing molt,
primaries worn and bleached Gulls on the river are a hard call, too
far for 8x binocular. At least half could be juvie Cals.lpn Pretty
sure l've never seen a Thayer's in September.

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