Date: 9/26/19 11:07 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Red Crossbill Types

I would refer folks to the ebird report on subspecies and associated maps, understanding there are certainly errors in there.

Google “ Red Crossbill types status ebird” should get you close. And good luck on efforts.

Bob Archer

> On Sep 26, 2019, at 10:19 AM, Tom Crabtree <tc...> wrote:
> Type 2’s can be found in profusion around Bend & Sisters.
> Tom Crabtree, Bend
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> Subject: [obol] Red Crossbill Types
> Good Day,
> I'm inquiring on the different types of Red Crossbill that can be found in Oregon, preparing
> for a trip from October 30th to November 10th mostly all over Oregon from Bend/Sister area
> to Medford/Ashland area and three days along the whole coast south to the north. Are
> the different types specific to certain areas in the state or are they more habitat specific?
> Thank you for any feedback with this question
> Erik Haney
> Saint Petersburg, Florida

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