Date: 9/26/19 10:14 am
From: Anita Blasius <ibblazin...>
Subject: [birders] Thanks for your posts

Good for you! I don't want to post on Birders as I have no wish to get
embroiled in the political/environmental discussion - yep, I'm a chicken.
However, I agree with everything you've said so far and appreciate that you
provided links to back up what you're saying.

I'm sure you're aware that Michigan was once covered with a mile or two of
ice (I didn't realize until I saw this article that it spread from Wyoming
to Maine.) What happened to it? The climate changed and it melted. The
melting formed the Great Lakes. Aren't we lucky?? We're here, alive and

After seeing Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist, on TV a
couple of days ago, I mentioned to my husband that, if all the youngsters
(or any age climate activist) are that interested in making a difference,
perhaps the first thing they should do is get rid of their cell phones and
other electronic devices - televisions, gaming consoles, etc. that have to
be charged or plugged in to electrical outlets likely powered by coal. I
wonder how many would be first in line?

I think we can all probably be more environmentally responsible and I
support reasonable efforts to keep our air and water clean but I don't think
the sky is falling and just get tired of extremists telling me what I should
do. Not them, necessarily, just me and you.

Sorry to rant but thanks again for your posts.

Anita Blasius

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