Date: 9/23/19 7:55 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [obol] correction Re: Broad-billed and Chestnut-sided Warbler mischief HQ
OBVIOUSLY I made some mistakes with this post.

Birds were not at headquarters of Mischief but at MALHEUR HQ. You all
knew that.

The warbler was a juv bird, not Judy bird. Thanks, <jmeredit...>

On 09-23-2019 17:30, <jmeredit...> wrote:
> P
> Late post cuz phone battery depleted leaving ebird running for 3 hrs.
> BBilled Hummer did not visit a feeder for 3 hrs but used pollinator
> garden blossoms and stinging nettles blossoms along the back
> fenceline. Biologist Teresa Wicks was all over finding it.
> Warbler photographed in a.m. By woman seeking help with what ID. I
> tracked it down later in same area, shrubs near front deck area. It
> also used Mtn ash tree. Judy bird, very wrenlikebehavior, cocking
> tail, etc.
> A few warblers around, sifting through the many RC Kinglets
> .
> Good birding, judy, <jmeredit...>

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