Date: 9/23/19 1:08 pm
From: sophiesaid <sophiesaid...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Birding Access Black dirt
Please note: that birding the farm formally known as the Warren Sod Farm (now known as the Sunflower Valley Farm) hasbeen *RESTRICTED* since last year and is not accessible to birders.  I have had conversations with the owner and he wanted me to pass along this information.To my knowledge there hasn't been any updates since then.

Felipe and Bob: Warren Sod Farm/Sunflower Valley Farm  is the farm that the entrance is on Rt 12 between the silos.  This road leads to the "bridge: that Bob mentioned. The other side of the bridge is Skinner's Lane. This is private property and the farmer has stated that it is off-limits to birders.  They allow access by invitation only.
Pine Turf Nursery:  Please stop and ask for permission at the office first.  The farmer have stated that they do not want cars on their road after a heavy rain.Please keep this in mind.
Skinner's Lane: Still open, but occasionally a worker will harass birders.  THIS IS NOT A THROUGH ROAD. Please trun around before the bridge,as the farm across from the Skinner's Lane farm is the farm that is restricted to birders. Please exit through the same entrance you entered off Pulasky Highway.
Please be birding ambassadors in the Black Dirt.  Many Black Dirt farmers are seeing their requests disregarded.


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