Date: 9/22/19 8:55 pm
From: Paul Lehman <lehman.paul...> [AKBirding] <AKBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [AK Birding] Gambell: TREE Pipit, 2 white Gyrfalcons, Marbled Murrelet
A slow few days recently here at Gambell for landbird migrants, in
mostly north winds (although one day of light and variable failed to
produce), came to an end today (22 Sep) with the discovery of a TREE
PIPIT along the road south of Troutman Lake near ???the revetments.??? This
cooperative bird was well photo???d. This is the fourth fall record at
Gambell (1 or 2 in 2002, 2 in 2014), where also one late spring record
in 1995. The only other North American record, and the first one, was
from Wales, at the western tip of the Seward Peninsula in late spring.
The second MARBLED MURRELET of the season (only several fall records)
flew by on 22 Sep. An adult ???THAYER???S??? GULL is hanging around, averaging
about 1 per fall. High on the aesthetics list were the two WHITE-morph
Gyrfalcons present, at least one of which is an annual fall fixture in
recent years. Landbirds from the mainland included a Ruby-crowned
Kinglet and Yellow Warbler, both of which average a couple or so per
fall. Also up to 3 Snowy Owls are now in residence. Miscellaneous
waterbirds include 17 Eurasian Wigeon, 4 Red-necked Grebes (scarce but
annual in small numbers), 3 more Kittlitz???s and a dozen more Ancient
Murrelets, and Short-tailed Shearwater numbers are up to around 400,000
per day, which is impressive but fewer than half the usual peak numbers.

--Paul Lehman

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