Date: 9/22/19 7:00 pm
From: Joshua Uffman <birdsandbugs...>
Subject: St. Louis Area Birds - 22 Sept 2019
Had a nice morning chasing a few birds reported around the St. Louis area as
of late.

Riverlands Mig. Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles County:

* A single COMMON TERN
* At least 13 FORSTER'S TERNS by my count
* At least 18 CASPIAN TERNS by my count.
* Lots of gulls to pick through - Nothing unusual I could find.
* Complete eBird checklist with some photos:

Little Creve Coeur Marsh, St. Louis County:

* At least 23 BLACK-BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKS continuing. No young that
I saw.
* More interesting was that I found one banded. Unfortunately I could
not read the band at all, but since I posted my eBird list, I received a
note from Doug Hommert that he too saw this bird. He says it is a federal
band and the only numbers he could make out were "0245". I would encourage
all that have gotten photos of these birds to take a look and see if you do
not have this bird on film/photos, and also encourage all others still
heading to see these birds to look closely. It would be fantastic to get
the whole number and be able to see where these birds (this bird) came from.

* Complete eBird checklist with some photos here:

Good Birding!

Joshua Uffman

St. Louis County, MO

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