Date: 9/22/19 6:42 pm
From: Casey Rucker <autoblock...>
Subject: Lincoln's Sparrow (Tucker)
Hi, all,

An afternoon walk by the Blackwater in Canaan Valley State Park yielded
great views of a Lincoln's Sparrow in the usual place, as well as my first
Cape May Warbler of the fall. Their buffy chests with pinstripes are
strikingly similar, which I never thought about before. There were also
plenty of Eastern Phoebes, Gray Catbirds, and Common Yellowthroats still
hanging around, with many juveniles trying out their voices. The spring
peeper sounds of Swainson's Thrush have also appeared (both Randolph and
Tucker today).

This morning a 4th year Bald Eagle soared above the house.

A few dragonflies are still around, and this is the best fall for katydids
in my neighborhood for maybe a decade. Unfortunately, there's been an
onslaught of marmorated stink bugs over the weekend, too.

Good birding,

Casey Rucker

Dry Fork, WV
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