Date: 9/22/19 6:01 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] OT -NJ Audubon Pete Bacinski’s tribute at Brig.
I have been on a poor-boy birding vacation since last Thursday and will continue thru the end of this weekend. That means bird at home in the morning, then bird along the way to Brig, and finish the day with my right eye glued to my scope for hours on end at Brig looking at shorebirds. And perhaps, bring my pickle jar full of coins to the Bank of Republic to cash in so I could bird at Cape May for a day or two.

Best part of my vacation so far is I may have made-save about 300 bucks. Let me explain. NJ’s own pro birding guide *BE* took me birding this morning after begging him to take me birding at no charge. And he did. Saw many migrants in Atlantic County at his birding location. Part credit due to south winds where migrants could not end up at Cape May ? Saved about 150 bucks there.

Then as we pulled into the Gull Pond at Brig, saw the biggest birder gathering there. I was in a panic mode and tried to pull 360 and head over to Marker 4, but it was too late and I had to face the mob of birders. It turned out the gathering was NJ Audubon Pete Bacinski’s tribute at Brig. Looking back so glad I join in.

Pete’s group eventually ended up at the Dogleg for the shorebirds. I made a joke to another NJ’s own pro birding guide *KC* that I am seeing at least 600 total combined years of birding experience in Pete’s group today. Many big hitters were in the group to pay tribute to Pete. I was deeply touched KT paid attention to me and gave some excellent ID tips on Dunlin, Stilt Sandpiper and White-rumped. And Semi and Western Sandpipers and their plumage changes as they migrate thru NJ. That was another 150 bucks made-saved from free-be guided birding from KC.

Sad part is my right eye is totally shot from pressing it against the scope for the past 4 days looking at shorebirds to the point I may be grounded for a day.

Sorry for the wacky post. For those who would have attended the NJ Audubon Pete Bacinski’s tribute at Brig and was not aware of the event, just look up into the sky at your own local birding patch, and just say, *Pete, take care yourself* which I have done already several times during my laps around the dike since his passing.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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