Date: 9/22/19 5:28 pm
From: Michael Hendrickson <michaelleehendrickson...>
Subject: [mou-net] Northern Wheatear
I am only sharing this since this report because it hasn't reached the MOU

Milt Blomberg found a Northern Wheatear around 3:00-3:30pm today between
3501-3665 Locke Avenue NW. This location is just south of Annandale,
Minnesota. (Northwest of Minneapolis )

Milt shared the sighting with photos on Minnesota County Listers & Big Year
Birders which is a Facebook Group at 3:20pm.

Several birders tried to locate the bird but no sightings were reported
until around Hosche’s relocated the bird in the same area at 5:20pm. Herb
Dingman and other birders along with Hosches observed the Wheatear at 5:20
pm but no location was given but I assume it was in the same area. Some
were suggesting it was in the company of some Eastern Bluebirds.

This is a significant sighting for Minnesota and I know some maybe
frustrated that when significant sightings such as this that get reported
on Social Media it rarely makes it to the MOU Listserv.

Hopefully the Wheatear will hang out long enough to allow other birders to
view it.

Good luck
Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota

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