Date: 9/22/19 1:11 pm
From: Dani Christensen <dmc860...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Little Uvas Creek Open Space Preserve 9/22
Good afternoon everyone!

This morning Eve Meier and I led a joint Audubon/Santa Clara Valley Open
Space Authority trip to Little Uvas Creek Open Space Preserve, found about
1.5 miles south of Croy Rd on Uvas Rd (this preserve is currently
accessible by special access only).

Among the grey pines, blue, valley and live oaks, we found 33 species
total. The staging area was alive with LESSER GOLDFINCHES, CA SCRUB JAYS,
ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRDS, and OAK TITMICE. We spent a while here observing, with
good looks at a perched AMERICAN KESTREL, a vocal HAIRY WOODPECKER, and a
hardworking BLACK PHOEBE. As we went up the trail and neared the ponds, we
got looks through the willows at a nice male GADWALL, seen again more
clearly later in the day. WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS, CA TOWHEES and a SPOTTED
TOWHEE were seen in the scrub along the trail. SONG SPARROWS and more
white-crowned sparrows were found in the Tule around the ponds.

AMERICAN COOTS were found in all five ponds, a three RUDDY DUCKS (1 adult
non breeding male, two female/juvis), and five RING-NECKED DUCKS were
spotted in the biggest pond: 1 male in breeding plumage and 4 females (or
juveniles? A few did not have that distinct white ring on bill). Seen
overhead was a male AMERICAN KESTREL in a dispute with a COOPER’S HAWK, and
in the background of all this drama was at least one VAUX’S SWIFT.

From the vista point overlooking Uvas Reservoir we spotted one OLIVE-SIDED
FLYCATCHER aggressively hunting winged insects from a blue ok snag, and
heard one RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH. We could not find the red-breasted
nuthatch, but it was heard on at least two occasions this trip. Also heard
was its more common cousin, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH.

Thank you, Eve, for keeping our list! For the full list of species on
eBird, click here:

Missed species that Eve and I found here a couple days ago include Virginia
rail, savanna sparrow, and purple finch. The next trip out to Little Uvas
Creek will be Friday, Oct 18 from 8a-11a, please check out the SCVAS
calendar for more information!

Dani Christensen
South San Jose

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