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Brian -
were you referring to this link and/or its citation? [ | ]

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By now, suspect most have read that N Amer bird numbers are down by 30% since 1970's. I've kept in touch for yrs with my long-retired Ornithology Prof at Univ TX. And, even though my data doesn't begin to compare with his records from TX (esp North, Gulf Coast, Rio Grande Valley & Big Bend), he & I first compared notes 30 yrs ago re: decreasing warbler migration numbers from my Idaho backyard & his N TX wanderings. In fact, birded with him this summer on a visit to son's family & it's becoming a treat to see N Cardinal, Blue Jay, Carolina Wren & TX state bird: Mockingbird. All of which, I barely gave a 2nd glance during undergrad yrs, as they were so common. Prof has definitely noted decreasing numbers of most individual species & esp prominent over the past decade.

Locally, an avid birder & I visited this past spring comparing notes, as well. We had concluded that along our respective areas of the Snake River corridor, overall bird numbers had decreased by a rough figure of 35% in past 10-15 yrs. Unfortunately, follows suit with the article which reviewed Breeding Bird, Christmas Watch & other Citizen Science data. Eventually, a loss of 2 billion birds from the landscape becomes...noticeable. Information for all of us who enjoy birding to ponder.

On an observation note, today found singles of: Nashville Warbler, Gray Catbird, RC Kinglet, Spotted Towhee & House Wren. Also, mixed flocks of Brewer's, Lincoln's, White-crowned & Chipping Sparrows working through the sagebrush/rabbit brush grassy area on place.

Brian Carrigan

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