Date: 9/22/19 10:25 am
From: Marj. Rines <marj...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Possible Wood Stork Hull
 I have received a very second-hand report of a Wood Stork in Hull. It
was posted on a group Facebook page that I don't belong to (but have
asked to join), and there are no details on the exact location. Someone
who saw it on the private page posted the info on the Mass Audubon
Facebook page, and I've been messaging back and forth with him, and
finally got him to screen grab the photo and I've posted it on my
private Facebook page, but made the settings public for those interested.

I would underscore that this could EASILY be a hoax on the part of the
original poster. That's my theory. But I am doing my best to get
details. I have no more information that what I have posted, so please
don't ask me where or when.

Marj. Rines
Woburn, MA

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