Date: 9/22/19 8:43 am
From: Robyn Graboski <centrewildlifecare...>
Subject: Re: Cat bib that's supposed to prevent bird and other small animal hunting
Collars help some, but it does not work for baby squirrels, baby rabbits
and baby birds. Most birds come out of the nest before they can fly
(fledglings) and are most susceptible to cat predation. Bells don't
really work for baby animals either because they can't really flee like
adult animals. The only effective solution is to keep cats contained on a
porch, inside a catio or keep them inside a cat fence.


Cat fences do work...they are flexible and cats won't climb them. I know
of a rescue that uses the flexible cat fence and they have never lost a cat
in their enclosure.

It's also safer and more humane for the cats to keep them contained.. The
first job I had was at a humane society and the second was at a vet
clinic. I saw lots of sick outside stray cats, cats that were hit by cars,
cats that were injured by humans in a variety of ways. I have heard of many
people that shoot cats on their property in this area. Outside cats just
don't have a good quality of life living an average of 2 years. If they
are owned, you might get an average of 5 years. Yes, some live
longer...but the numbers are "averages". Inside cats live an average of
15 years.

Now I see cat caught wildlife almost every day at Centre Wildlife Care.
Everything to song birds to baby mink to screech owls. Many don't live
with the best of efforts. Cats are invasive species that decimate wildlife
populations and animals have gone extinct because of cats. Yes, there
are many causes of decline of birds including pesticides...all need to be

There are disease issues including toxoplasmosis being transmitted to other
species. There have been several rabid kittens & cats show up of the years
in Center County. Did you know that if a raccoon, or a dog, or cat
scratches or bites you (and runs away) the health department will recommend
you go through the rabies vaccination series. If you have the animal
contained, you can quarantine or wait for the rabies test (depending on the
situation). The most painful part of getting post exposure rabies vaccine
is the price tag of $10,000 to $15,000 at the ER. If you don't have
insurance, that could be financially devastating. I'm not trying to scare
you, this is the reality that I deal with often with the public and rabies

If you have a possible rabies exposure (bite or scratch) always consult
with the Health Department at 877-PAHEALTH (24/7). During business hours,
you can call the local Centre County Health Department number at:
814-865-0932. They are nice people; we talk to them all the time since we
rehabilitate rabies vectors.

Please understand that I adore cats and started the orphaned kitten program
years ago which was taken over by Anne Marie Rodgers and was eventually
absorbed by PAWS. These kittens are orphaned because they were born to
outside cats that got killed or not able to care for the babies.

Cats should not be outside unless they are contained. It is more humane
for the cat, they don't kill wildlife, they don't cause damage on other's
property, they live longer and they have a better quality of life.

We have a terrible combination in State College: A transient community
that dumps cats when they leave, and sweet little old ladies who feed cats
(Sorry if you are a little old lady and I offended you). TNR
(Trap..Neuter...Release) helps, but it is a vicious cycle of more cats
being dumped, more cats breeding and more cats needing trapped and
neutered. There needs to be a better solution. Other communities have
found a solution, but it seems ... this area does not want accept that
outside cats are a problem. To many of you, I am preaching to the choir,
but the community, is a different story.

Stepping down from my soap box now...


Robyn Graboski
Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Centre Wildlife Care
PO Box 572, Lemont, PA 16851

On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 5:36 PM Blake Ketchum <podzol...> wrote:

> Wondering if anyone has given this a try? Lots of people are pretty
> stubborn about letting unsupervised cats outside. This *might* help.
> Thoughts?
> Blake

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