Date: 9/22/19 7:37 am
From: Jeff Harding <jeffharding...>
Subject: [obol] Birding Sweet Home - Foster Lake and a new place
Yesterday I birded Foster Lake, following Tom Gilg's FRANKLIN'S GULL report
from Thursday ( I failed to
detect and gulls at all. There were some passerine migrants at Lewis Creek
Park, including Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a quiet empidonax I called a
Hammond's Flycatcher (photos here: ) .

Then I visited a place new to me, following up on local birder's suggestion,
some ponds along the south bank of the river on the north side of Sweet
Home, at the end of Zelkova Street. Here's my checklist: The place is signed as a park by
the city of Sweet Home, but is undeveloped but for occasional barrels for
trash, though some mowing has occurred. It was a lovely place, with a lot of
birding potential. I encountered some nice people on their way out with a
dog, but otherwise no one was there, which seemed odd for such a nice fall
afternoon. The Sweet Home Parks and recreation web site does not mention the
place, even on a 2014 planning document. It compares favorably with Cheadle
Lake in Lebanon as a birding venue, so while I didn't encounter much to
remark on, there is excellent potential there.

Good birding,


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