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Subject: [cobirds] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for Sunday, September 22, 2019
Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Birders have been helpful by reporting updates to COBirds. Thanks!
CAPITAL LETTERS denote very rare species, as listed by the Colorado Bird Records Committee at the CFO website.
(*) indicates new information on a species.
For more information on birds seen today, go to and scroll to the bottom for “Recent eBird Sightings”.

Rare, out-of-place and out-of-season species include:

Sabine’s Gull (Multiple reports in several counties; see COBirds for updates)
Arctic Tern (*WELD)
GRAY FLYCATCHER (Arapahoe, *Montrose, Phillips, Weld)
Bewick’s Wren (Weld)
Baird’s Sparrow (*Kit Carson)
Ovenbird (Prowers)
Prothonotary Warbler (*Jefferson)
Tennessee Warbler (Arapahoe, Jefferson)
Nashville Warbler (*Jefferson)
Hooded Warbler (*Arapahoe)
Chestnut-sided Warbler (Teller)
Black-throated Blue Warbler (*Adams, Bent, Cheyenne)
Grace’s Warbler (Ouray)

—On September 21 a Black-throated Blue Warbler was banded at the Barr Lake Banding Station by Merideth McBurney.

—On September 20 a Hooded Warbler was reported at Lee Gulch Trail, approximately 50 ft from Mineral, by Santiago Taberas.
—On September 20 a GRAY FLYCATCHER was reported at Cherry Creek SP/Railroad Bed Trail by Meg Reck.
—On September 16 a Tennessee Warbler was reported at Richmil Ranch Open Space (Loop trail and road) by David Suddjian.

—On September 19 a Black-throated Blue Warbler was reported at Hasty Campground (NE corner) by Dave Leatherman. This is the first non-spring report for this species in Bent County.

—On September 19 a Black-throated Blue Warbler was reported at Mitchek Ranch (private- view from ROAD only) by David Suddjian. This is a first non-spring report report for this species in Cheyenne County.

—On September 19 a GROOVE-BILLED ANI continued in the Sand Creek riparian, between Westerly Creek and Smith Rd. It was first reported there September 8 by Jason Bidgood. At times it roams upstream of Westerly Creek. Park on Xanthia St or on 37th near Alton Ct.

***Please note this area is NOT in “Sand Creek Park”, which is upstream in Adams County. Please don’t use this location for any e-bird report.
ALL sightings have been in Denver County.

—On September 21 a Nashville Warbler was reported at Belmar Park in the southwest corner by the bench, by Art Hudak.
—On September 20 a Prothonotary Warbler was reported at Belmar Park, on the southwest side of Kountze Lake. First reported on Sep.18 by Alicia Arnold.
—On September 17 a Tennessee Warbler was reported from Belmar Park. First reported September 13 by Aaron Shipe.

—On September 21 a Baird’s Sparrow was reported in Bethune, at 13175 CR 37, by David Tønnessen.

—On September 17 a MOURNING WARBLER was reported and banded at Connected Lakes Section of the James M Robb Colorado River State Park, at the Grand Valley Audubon Society Banding Station by Vicki Morgan. This is a first Mesa County e-bird record for this species.

—On September 21 a Grey Flycatcher was reported at Nucla WTP by Brenda Wright and Coen Dexter.

—On September 19 a Grace’s Warbler was reported in Ridgeway at 401-499 Which Way Dr., by Craig Swolgaard.

—On September 17 a GRAY FLYCATCHER was reported at CR7 (CR20 to CR10) by David Suddjian. This is a first Phillips County e-bird record for this species.

—On September 20 an Ovenbird was reported at Lamar Community College Woods by Dave Leatherman. It was seen under Russian-olives at the extreme north end just where the trail starts heading south at the bottom of the entry hill.

—On September 17 a Chestnut-sided Warbler, a Northern Waterthrush and a Brown Thrasher were reported at Manitou Lake by David Tønnessen.

—On September 20 an Arctic Tern was reported at Union Reservoir by Steve Mlodinow.
—On September 20 a GRAY FLYCATCHER was reported at Pawnee National Grassland/Norma’s Grove by Gene Rutherford.
—On September 17 a Bewick’s Wren was reported at Crow Valley Campground by Charlie Chase. This is only the 2nd Weld County e-bird record for this species.

Upcoming DFO Field Trips...trip details at

Hidden Mesa Open Space - Douglas County (Pleasant View Drive Trailhead)
Sunday, September 22
6:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Chris Gilbert (chrisgee9 AT; 804-214-1508)

Boulder County
Monday, September 23
6:30 AM - 1:00 PM
John Malenich (john.malenich AT; 303-359-9456)

South-Central Colorado
Tuesday, September 24
5:00 AM - 6:00 PM
David Suddjian (dsuddjian AT; 831-713-8659)

Happy birding!
Allison Hilf
Aurora, CO
Ahilf AT

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