Date: 9/21/19 4:00 pm
From: Pete Sole <pete...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Of tanagers and a sparrow id question (with photos)
Hi birders,

This morning at our home in Soquel we had at least 4 and possibly as
many as 6 WESTERN TANAGERS eating the native California Grapes in our
garden. (Nancy tells me that the scientific name of the grape is Vitis
californica, with the common name 'Rodger's Red' for the plant.)  A few

(there are 2 tanagers in the frame.)

WESTERN TANAGER chowing down on grapes:

After photographing the tanagers for a while, I finally left to go to
the UCSC Farm and Garden. At UCSC another 3 or more WESTERN TANAGERS
appeared, also chowing down on fruit:

But what sent to UCSC Farm and Garden to begin with, was a SPARROW that
I saw last weekend. Las week, I thought it was a non-breeding chipping
sparrow, but now, I think it may be a clay colored. A few less than
ideal photos of this bird:

I'm not 100% convinced, I'm leaning towards CLAY-COLORED, but a CHIPPING
would be more likely.

Your  id thoughts on the sparrow?

Pete Sole
Pondering Sparrows in Soquel, CA

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