Date: 9/21/19 2:17 pm
From: Lisa Larson <lisafaylarson...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Today at Pajaro Dunes
Hi Birders,

I led walks at Pajaro Dunes for the MBBF today and yesterday. Of note
yesterday were three Osprey. Two were "talking" to each other from snags in
the river and one was on one of those posts with the crossbars. A
White-tailed Kite was sitting on the next post to the north. The
post-sitters were there again today, but we later saw each hunting. The
kite also perched on a snag in the river. Also, we had a great time
watching Belted Kingfishers hunt and call. Don't you just love that sound?

Snowy Plovers were plentiful - it must have been a good breeding season.
They associated somewhat with Sanderlings, giving folks a chance to compare
and really learn the differences.

Something happened today that I had never witnessed before. Across the
channel from Boca Road at Pajaro Dunes, there were two good-sized
murmurations of starlings that came together as one. And then I noticed
that one bird was much larger and flew differently. An accipiter was being
pursued by the murmuration! I think it was a Cooper's Hawk, but I couldn't
be positive from the distance.

It is different day-by-day out there, and somewhat slow for shorebirds, but
maybe the heat as something to do with that. I believe everyone had a good
time, and what is the point of birding if it isn't enjoyable?

Happy birding!
- Lisa

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