Date: 9/21/19 1:16 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Warren Co- Swainson's thrush big day!
After my wonderful dawn experience listening to thrush flight calls this
morning, Don and I headed off to hike on the North Country trail between
Mayburg Rd not far from Heart's Content down southeast through the Minister
Creek valley and ending on Minister Rd. From the parking area and for the
first hour, it was another absolutely magical experience with the woods
surrounding us just literally alive with Swainson's thrush, and several
wood thrush as well. Birds were giving all the different calls around me,
water droplet the most, then "peeper" calls, then chip burr calls (Sibley
name), and several were whisper singing also. Overwhelming to try to count
them as I moved along the trail, I saw a fair number up in the mid level of
hemlock. I tried my best to be conservative, my eBird total was 28 over the
5.5 mile stretch, I believe there were certainly more present. Later in the
trail I happened along several more silent birds, and they were rather high
up in cucumber magnolia trees feeding.
A brown creeper singing, and several warblers, sapsuckers and ravens but
the thrushes were the highlight of my day, one I will always remember.

Carole Winslow
Sligo Clarion Co
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